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What Are the Maintenance Procedures for Heavy Trucks Tyre?

9 March 2020 Posted by: admin Tyre

Heavy vehicle tyres always need some good maintenance. Tyres are the only contact between the road and the truck, so they need to be properly maintained to avoid any sort of inconvenience. Mobile Truck Tyre repairs near me have complete solutions for any kind of tyres. They deal in full-service tyre deals, specialized in OTR earthmoving, and provides all kind of fitting, service and repairs. But there are certain ways you can take care of your truck tyres by yourself as well. Maintaining is important because replacing tyre would cost you very high neither retreads are cheap. Maintained tyres cut down on fuel and on any other roadside emergency. So keeping your tyre in a good shape and health actually sounds mandatory. Well we will discuss here a few tips for the better of the tyre

Heavy Trucks Tyre

Maintain proper pressure

Accurate tyre inflation is the most important factor responsible for better performance and long tyre life. Heavy trucks need to keep a check on the air pressure regularly because low-pressure tyres will cause the engine to run hot, and affect the mileage of the truck. On the other hand, the overinflated tyre will produce an unpleasant ride and may damage the vehicle. So to avoid any such mishap, keep a check on the pressure regularly. 

Use Good Valve Caps

Using a proper valve cap will protect the tyres from any kind of air loss. Try using metal caps, they are high in quality and get fix on tyre properly. This is the first step to maintain air pressure in your tyres. 

Keep Air Clean & Dry

Make sure the air you get for your tyres is dry and clean. Any sort of moistured air is harmful to the tyres and the inner steel belts. Use filtered air compressor and in line dryers. Opting for nitrogen air is a good choice. But in case, if it is not available, simple dry air helps tyres adopting good health.

Wash Tyres & Wheels

Washing and cleaning tyres not only make them look nice, but it helps to remove any kind of residues like ice, snow, or other rubbish that sticks on tyres and are very bad for the rubber. Salt used to clean snow from the roads are very bad for tyres. They not only harm the rubber but also injure the steel or aluminum rims. So the cleaning of tyres is a must. 

Buy The right kind of Tyres

Any kind of precaution and prevention won’t be effective until and unless your truck bears the right kind of tyres. Select the best quality tyres that are protected with the latest technology. Heavy duties trucks and lighter ones have different sets of tyres. Optimizing the right kind will increase the performance of the truck.

Keep Wheels Aligned

Never drive a truck with wheels out of alignment. It not only effects the truck performance but also it is very dangerous on roads. Keeping tyres aligned is as important as keeping them inflated. And above all make sure you drive safely. 

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